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i'm sorry i loved you more than you loved me
i'm sorry I told you
about all the nights
i stayed up late
staring at the ceiling,
imagining the stars
and your hand in mine
until i fell asleep
without noticing:
i'm sorry my heart
hopped all to high
when you walked by,
and i wanted you
to stop and speak
just a few
purposeful words
just to me;
i'm sorry i cared
when you said
you felt bad
and left you alone
when you said
you were crowded
by all of the noise
clogging your ears;
i'm sorry i whispered
in your unprotected ear,
and told you
i loved you
with the most sincere feelings
anyone could posses;
i just wanted you
to whisper it back...
...but, i know, that was too much to ask.
:icontalentedthruhim:TalentedThruHIM 4 2
The Fall
There you were
Up on your pedestal
Higher than God
I'd even venture to say
You looked down on me
With tears in your
Dark, dark eyes
You cried to me
"Help me, please."
So I reached out to you
As far as I could stretch
But I wasn't
Nearly tall enough
You were so far away
And getting further
"I want to be
Next to you!"
I heard you scream
I told you to climb
Slink you way down
You said that
Was not soon enough
You needed my embrace
My breath
Right now
Directly on you
I watch in horror
As you stepped forward
You closed your eyes
Oh so tight
Braced yourself
And pretended you could fly
You seemed to hover
A moment in midair
You trusted your will
To get you there
I think you pushed
Just a little too hard
I think you forgot
That patience is
Such a helpful virtue
The speed
Oh, the speed
With which you plummeted
To the hard
Concrete earth
That broke your fall
With the sickest crack
It split the air
And my heart stopped
I lurched forward
To get to you
I touched
Your soft
Curly hair
And whispered
:icontalentedthruhim:TalentedThruHIM 2 0
my bisexuality
she laughed with me
through the days
she touched the skin
on my fingertips;
he told me that i
was the most beautiful woman
he stroked my cheek
said i was special;
i couldn't decide
who to love
because he wanted me
but she was amazing;
he touched me
like there was no one else
but she talked to me
like i had a voice;
her cheeks were high
smooth and round
her hair fell short
but her eyes glowed bright;
his chest was flat
and i didn't mind that
his heart was open
and he was taller than me;
we can't get
everything we want
so i settled for him
because he was sweet enough;
she'd never liked girls
she didn't know i did
so there was no way
i could live with her;
:icontalentedthruhim:TalentedThruHIM 1 0
You Can('t) Touch the Stars
it's a (terrible) life
to live,
and i am strolling
my way through
(the wreckage of)
everyone's dreams;
i did(n't) dare
to make such
outlandish dreams;
has no one
ever told you
(not) to reach
for the stars;
there's (no) air
in space
just for you, (idiot);
and stars
(are just flames
that) burn
to the touch;
and still you can('t)
touch them,
i bow my head
to (useless) you;
:icontalentedthruhim:TalentedThruHIM 1 0
Sinking, Leaving, Slipping, and Screaming For You
what is buried
where i stand
who is down there
sinking, sinking;
what is keeping
my shirt dry
the tears keep streaming
down my face
but only my cheeks
are running, running;
what made you
leave me here
in the dust
dry and cracking
why was i the one worth
leaving, leaving;
we are all just
sleepers dreaming
curled at the feet
of our knitting mothers
why do we keep
sleeping, sleeping;
only you keep
me from falling
but you let go
of my small hands
now i am
slipping, slipping;
but i can't hear my self
screaming, screaming...
:icontalentedthruhim:TalentedThruHIM 0 0
Without a Word
i'll leave it all
without a word
because leaving
it's the best feeling
i won't wave goodbye
that's not my style
i don't need your approval
over any part of my life
i'll sleep
sweetly tonight
in the back seat
of my cramped car
yes, i'll leave you
and even them
because i don't care
about all of the strings
all the worldly attachments
just give me a car stereo
and a labrador
in the passenger seat
that's all i need
:icontalentedthruhim:TalentedThruHIM 1 0
you are my shelter
when i'm acting
like a three year old.
he is my rock
when i know
what i am today.
i let go
of all of the skin
touching me.
i can't breathe
through the musk
of formaldehyde
hanging in the air.
maybe i have sinned.
maybe i have said
horribly wrong.
but i won't
ever try
and make it better.
because i
could care less
about how everyone else
in the acid rain.
in my life
it is my world.
move along
to the next girl.
she's all you want.
:icontalentedthruhim:TalentedThruHIM 1 0
Heaven Broke Her Angel
I fell from the heavens,
hitting the ground
at break-neck speeds.
They crowded around
the fallen angel,
broken and shattered.
A child prodded
the dying creature
with a newly-found stick.
He rolled me over
so they could see my eyes,
pale and terrified.
I was cast from my home
with the darkest sneer.
crooned the sly voice
of Michael the archangel,
With my fading eyes
I watched the boy cry.
He clung to my ripped,
dirtied robes
with small little paws.
he sobbed.
The angels have been muted.
We are running from our God,
a murderer and a slaughterer.
I wanted to scream this
to the little child.
But my words were taken
long before my fall
to keep me from secret-sharing.
So instead I plucked a feather
from my withering wings.
I whispered to him,
I gave him the feather,
the feather that let
any free thing fly.
For now I was chained,
and I could set him
from his cage.
:icontalentedthruhim:TalentedThruHIM 1 0
The Muse
 'Skyscrapers," she whispered, gazing up at a field the towering structures. "They're monstrous!" she grinned and spun with her face to the heavens. She rolled the name around her mouth some more, "Skyscrapers. Sky-scrapers. Skyscrap-ers. Sk-y-sc-rap-ers." I watched her face light up even more as she giggled, a symphony of bells and awkward snorts. "Do you understand the implications of such a name, Adam?"
 I simply hummed from my seat on the iron bench.
 She leaned over me and pressed her nose excitedly against mine. "Sky. Scrapers." She proceed to explain like she would've no matter my answer. "They literally scrape the sky. They do what none of us could even dream of. They hold up the sky." She danced away and looked back at the steely faces of her new muse. "Here I am, wandering the world with you. And who would I happen to find but atlas, a titan."
 She always talked like that. It was what I loved most about her. She told me it made up for her lack of breasts.
:icontalentedthruhim:TalentedThruHIM 1 3
he is gone, hon, he is gone
i curled in the dark, i whispered to myself, about the monsters in my closet, i wanted to tell myself, that i was scared of father, more than all the others, but that would be silly, mother tells me, he is gone, hon, he is gone, i remember her, holding me in her arms, rocking back and forth, muttering the words, over and over, he is gone, he is gone, he is gone, hon he is gone, and i could barely breathe, clutched so tight to her breast, and i would smile, because mother sounds so sweet, when she mutters, over and over, but he still creeps, out of the closet, some times when i am sleeping, he just stands int he darkest corners, too far to reach, and stares at me, with wandering eyes, and i wonder, what goes on behind the smile, that he always used to give me, but mother, she says, he is gone, hon, he is gone.
:icontalentedthruhim:TalentedThruHIM 1 0
no, there wasn't
it wasn't at all
what she expected;
it was hard;
it was dull;
everyone else
was just like them,
those grey fish in her reef;
they might have sparkled,
but they were little more
than flashy fish
with grey, grey hearts;
she cried
when she knew they could all see;
she wanted them to know
how disappointed she was;
how gross it all was;
she didn't realize
there's nothing
that's really that special.
:icontalentedthruhim:TalentedThruHIM 1 0
was there more to see than her little reef
she cried,
sure no one could see the pain;
her heart yearned
for something more:
something with skyscrapers
and wise old men,
something with new friends
and broken hearts;
she wanted to know
there was more
than running up a hill
that never ended;
she wanted to explore,
and take a hold;
but with all these demons
holding her back
she was stuck
at the bottom of the ocean
as far as could be
from the summit of the mountain;
:icontalentedthruhim:TalentedThruHIM 1 0
Remember the Apple Juice and Ketchup Stains
we ran through the field
of black and white;
we tackled the cliff
of wrong or right;
i can't remember
how it felt
to taste someone;
no longer do i crave it,
no longer do i need it;
i raced you
to the top of the mountain;
you tripped and fell,
but i caught you;
and we tied;
from the summit
we watched the world burn
under the fire
of prejudice and apple juice;
i whispered
over the sound of stampedes,
:icontalentedthruhim:TalentedThruHIM 2 0
Your Autum Killed My Winter
I tasted the sunlight on my toes
        and smelled the wind in your hair.
August burnt bright in your auburn eyes,
        making my heart leap like the flames in mine own.
Your sweater-ed arm around my shoulders
        and my scrunched up nose
          told me winter was incoming.
The cold frost clung to the dead leaves
        that still clutched onto the branches.
And the rocks were slick underfoot,
        adding up to an ache in my chest.
Your curly hair intertwined
        with my broken fingers,
          it was the best of times;
            and it was the worst of times.
So you held my hand,
        and told me no.
My hopes and expectations
        were our downfall in the end.
I thought you would catch me,
:icontalentedthruhim:TalentedThruHIM 1 0
The Damned
You are The Damned.
I am Satan.
This is Hell.
I am your torturer.
This is your eternity.
You will spend your forever here.
Do you get that?
I will torment you forever.
There will be a grin across my face.
The souls beside you,
they will not help you.
You will rot.
The sun will never rise,
and it will never set.
I am the father that abused you.
I am the mother that neglected you.
I am the uncle that raped you.
I am the friend that forgot you.
I am the loved one that left you.

You will never be cared about again.
Do you get that?
You are
:icontalentedthruhim:TalentedThruHIM 2 0
Pretty Pictures
You'll pretend
that I made myself
this way.
But the truth
of it all is,
it was him
and her.
It was what they did
when you weren't looking.
It was my sick,
twisted family
that everyone saw
as a perfect scene.
It was the cocaine
that you force up my nose
with threats
of neglect
and ridicule.
So I lit up
and took my place
next to
the saints of our time,
and sex-addicted.
Maybe it was
really my fault,
but you can't
blame it all on me.
Because I wasn't the one
who turned away.
:icontalentedthruhim:TalentedThruHIM 2 0


drowning lessons by len-yan drowning lessons :iconlen-yan:len-yan 6,456 168 The Ghost King. by viria13 The Ghost King. :iconviria13:viria13 12,297 549
Brutal Lullaby
As the agony sets in like a stain of needles
The metal frame of the bed clatters again
I can feel my vertebrae shifting
Scabbed in the throat by my desperate screams
She lays on the floor of cement
Out of my view of sight and I worry
She whispers through the cracks of steel windows
My screams of ache and torture is her lullaby
I'm her brutal lullaby in the darkness
My tears fill the rusted gaps
Her whispers break and become a voice
Her voice devours me and I lose my need to scream
But for her, I will keep her brutal lullaby
And one day she will be able to sleep
:iconthediamondintherough:Thediamondintherough 5 0
The Vision
Before you... I was a train wreck
A train wreck in the dark of never ending sorrow
Slaughtered by the human race
And ripped apart by loneliness
Bleeding as much as I breathed
I had very little in my life
But it all was nothing less of torture!
(I remember that day...)
You were a vision I thought wouldn't happen
You're a blessing from somewhere
I will never be able to express just how grateful
I am, to have you, a star that never fades
A star I keep, a star I wish on
Now... I have you in my arms, in my grip
I never can get enough of your beautiful lips
Seeing you every day and talking to you every night
I never want to say good bye
You take away the ache in my heart
That I lived by for years
(I remember that day...)
(I remember that day...)
You were a vision I thought wouldn't happen
You're a blessing from somewhere
I will never be able to express just how grateful
I am, to have you, a star that never fades
A star I keep, a star I wish on
Crying in the empty room!
Screaming for
:iconthediamondintherough:Thediamondintherough 3 0
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The color is this photo are the first thing that catch your eye. They make you smile and bring something warm.The angel helps your eye ...

by Crigger

The first thing you look at in this photo are the benches. Their bright light draws in your eyes and you find yourself following their ...


Journal History


It's been over two years since I've touched this acc. And tbh I will never come back to this Hellsite but it's fun to dissociate and remember what I was like when I was 14 lmao.

But anyways I'll hit u up w life updates: I'm Gay. Got a nice ass bf. Also i am extremely mentally ill *finger guns*. And rn as I type this im So Fkn High *finger guns*.

U can hmu on twitter if u want @bhrkuti
So it's been a long while. A year or more to be honest. And I think that's good. I'm a very different person now. (In some ways.) And I'd like to let you guys in on the journey I've been though, the person I am now. I'm sorry for leaving all of you without even a word...It just sort of happened. And I'm not sure how. Just one day I stopped logging in. So I'm sorry for those who I've abandoned. I do still consider all of you friends. And I remember all of you.

In my absence I've gone through fits of hatred, rage, peace, and doubt. I've been everywhere from nearly become a vicious vile thing to where I am now. And I don't want to really talk about the messy bits, so I'm gonna stick to the now. (Though that's still messy.)

Today I am strong. Today I wake up a look in the mirror and most days feel proud. Today I wish for peace. For love. I hold onto hope. I try to live every day in the now. I don't want to see anyone hurt. I believe in love and peace and the general good that can be found on the Earth.

I have short (I mean SHORT) red hair. I'm a lesbian. I'm a vegetarian. I'm a Buddhist. I edit photos. I sing. I still can't actually play any instruments properly. I listen to indie and alternative music. I meditate. I have taken control over my life.

I am going to school at my local community college. I am getting my AA with an emphasis in International Studies. I want to transfer to Central Washington University after I've completed my AA to get a BA in Journalism. While at Central I want to take a quarter to study in either Pune, India or Dubai, UAE with Central's study abroad program. After I graduate I want to join the Peace Corps and serve as a two year volunteer helping with education and community development in an impoverished nation. That is my plan so far. I want my life to consist of travel, people, journalism, and humanitarian aid.

I have a girlfriend with very similar ambitions. She is amazing. I couldn't ask for anyone better.

I am going to Portugal next month to help design the inside of a coffee shop that a friend's daughter is starting up there.

I am in love with my self, and I am in love with the world. Today I can tell you that there is a lot of darkness in this world, but all that is worth it for the better bits.

If you want to talk to me you can find me on Tumblr at Just shoot me a message. Really. I'm sorry for leaving you all.

I might start up DeviantArt again, but if I do I will make a new account. I would want to start over without the old me displayed on this account. 
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YUP! That's me up there!

My name's Rose. I enjoy making people laugh and making art of ALL kinds. Yes I will admit VERY freely that I am DEFINITELY not the best, but for me it's still fun. I believe you should be proud of your art, as long as you enjoy it. Of course every artist gets that piece that they look at and go "Did I REALLY just do that? Nasty!" But don't let that piece bring you down.

My Tumblr(where you can find lots of fanart I've reblogged. And lots of gifs...lots of gifs.):

My blog:


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